The most in-demand professions

Every year, there’s a research about the hottest jobs and positions out there in the business world. It is important to know what are the most in demand professions, especially if you are looking for a job yourself. There are seven dominating industries in the world and we are dealing with the list of ”to dream of” jobs in all seven of them.

This list will not only give you an insight about the best jobs you can find but, also at what people are looking for and what the employers need or deem important. This could be a valuable information for what the future brings.

Professions by industries

In the world of engineering, three occupations hold the highest position. The hottest professions here are manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineer. Engineers were always necessary and it’s considered to be a fine profession with a lot of excellent opportunities for advancement. It’s paid well too.

If your skill lies in accounting and finance, a finance manager or senior and cost accountant would be the best choices possible. These positions are the most in demand in this industry.

On the other hand, human resources are in demand of HR generalists, development and learning managers and HR business partners. Any successful company needs to have a capable HR department.

IT has been flourishing for quite a while now. Younger generations have been ushered into a new era of technology and science. So, a project manager, software and security and network engineers are the most wanted occupations. IT is the ever evolving industry so it is normal that people are constantly looking for any positions in this industry.

Logistics and manufacturing are evolving with the economy, these industries are related closely. There are opened spots for warehouse laborers, forklift operators, and machine operators of all kinds, all the time. The paychecks are not as good as in the IT or Engineering but, it is a steady job that has a lot of room for advancement.

Administrative assistants and customer service operators are always welcomed in the office and administration industry.